In Mexico, more precisely in the state of Sonora, 600 slot machines belonging to casinos operating in hiding were requisitioned by the Federal Ministerial Police. This big seizure seems to demonstrate the limits of the appeal launched by the Games and Drawings Directorate of the Government Secretariat. In the municipality of Guaymas, the authorities intercepted in two casinos more than 300 machines for games of chance and sports betting. They also arrested eight officials of these gaming rooms. In Calzada Agustín Garcia, the federal police also dismantled 256 slot machines at the Game City facility and detained Victor Antonio and Juan Manuel, who are both Argentineans and Luis Durón. The latter is apparently the alleged operators of the games room. Subsequently, 5 people were apprehended by agents of the Social Representative of the Federation in an establishment called Cima 777 which was located in Serdán Street. In the same way, 349 gaming machines and 10 poker machines were seized in the casino Fortune, and federal agents detained two people in possession of two cocaine packages weighing 400mg.

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