Here are some tips that can boost a player’s chances in making big wins from slot machines:

Maximize your club cards. A casino club card is the handiest and most obvious, but often ignored piece of tip that players can use to make their wins without cashing out too much. Players should take advantage of their cards not just on the club perks but in playing slot machines as well.

Check the pay table. Another tip before playing the slot machine is to check out the pay tables. Slot machines with larger hit frequency would have many combinations with smaller wins. A machine having fewer combinations usually has larger returns. Play with maximum coins. For players who want to try progressive slot machines, always play with the maximum number of coins. This machine offers big jackpots by taking a portion of all the money played into it.

Slot candles. Slot machines have lights on the top, and the bottom light is colored and it indicates the denomination of the machine. Commonly, blue slot candles are on dollar machines, yellow for quarter machines, and red for nickel machines.

The lock up. A player should lock up after hitting a jackpot. There is nothing wrong trying for another win, but make sure that the profit has been set aside. Play only a portion of the jackpot and enjoy the rest of it.

Keeping track. Winning the jackpot is not just keeping or spending the money. Players should keep track of their profits because the casinò report these winnings to the IRS. Keeping a log of wins and losses will be very handy when tax time comes.

Cashing time. A player should always cash his coins or vouchers right away after playing. Coins could spill from the bucket and in some cases, can be lost if unattended. Vouchers have expiration dates on them, so make sure to exchange them for cash before they expire.

Don’t waste your money on bogus slot systems. There is no way that these slot system can determine which slot machine is a winning machine. Only the Random Number Generator can determine which combination will be the winning combination for a slot machine.

Be wise while being entertained. casinò have made its impression to most people as venues for fun and entertainment. Needless to say, casinò are run by businessmen and the money that players lose makes the business. Slot machines may seem harmless, but surely they have large house edge than other games. A player may win after playing a slot machine for hours, but counting his losses is probably greater than what he wins.

When going to casinò, always keep mind that the price of fun and leisure is high. Making a budget exclusively for casino expenses is ideal, so that other expenses would not run out of funds.

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