Many believe that the way a roulette dealer turns the ball after selecting it up from the last pocket she dropped, have a rhythm or they could have some sort of a signature. The pace goes like this, the dealer will take the ball and then he will turn it the same way he did before. But will the ball land on the same thing pocket it she landed before?

This rhythm is called the croupier’s signature or the croupier’s signature. Most casino experts believe that dealers are unaware of doing this. Experts say there is no uniformity in the speed and direction that the ball can travel from its first spin to the next spin. The rotor changes constantly and it is not possible to achieve the exact uniformity of the direction of the ball. However, one could really believe that there is something of interest in the croupier’s signature.

Here are the reasons, first: the meaning of marks of the dealer’s rotation. The croupier can do that routine to avoid the last pocket she landed on it. Second: players may want to believe it. There might be a possibility that the croupier’s signature is really a reality after all. The dealer could track his thousands of spins to get him the right, the way the dealer always wants her to be. But while this article is written, no study has been done to show that the dealer’s signature is a reality. Roulette croupiers have no real record that has been put to writing their millions of rotations.

Players could not watch the dealer turn the ball carefully or the dealer might be aware that he has been observed. This will greatly affect his spinning technique and he could change the way he turns the ball.

If shown that the dealer has mastered his rotation it could help the player to win by careful observation. But on one hand, if it’s not true, it can never hurt one player or the other. For nothing really helps the house to win against players, they are lucky on their side.

But if I may add, vigilant observation on how the croupier of the rotation could give the player the advice that can increase his chances of winning. It is always interesting to be observant and to be able to learn from other people’s strategy. Roulette is a game of chance. The ball is round and you can never tell what number it will land on after. The dealer might have a great effect on the speed of balls but the ball may never be directed into a specific pocket.

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