Some countries in the world do not allow online gaming, in this case, sports betting, poker, and casino games. However, many gambling enthusiasts from these countries regularly connect to the web only for entertainment and to try their luck in online gaming sites. For example, a poll was conducted by Ipsos-Reid with 1006 Americans and 1032 Canadians earlier this year on the subject, and the results revealed that almost the majority of Canadians and Americans find the same thing. interest in legalizing online games. According to the survey data, some American and Canadian players are unaware that online games, including poker and casino, at home, are illegal. In 2007, only 41% of Americans and 28% of Canadians were aware that this kind of practice via the net is not recognized on their soil. This proportion remains high, although online gamblers who do not know the law are 37 percent American, while they account for about 23 percent of gambling gamblers on their Canadian neighbors.

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