Although this is only a project for the moment, the casino authorization in Florida, investors have already announced that they will build complexes, theaters, shopping centers and of course a casino. The owner of Las Vegas casino, Sheldon Anderson is the first to intend to invest the big sum of $ 3 billion for the Florida casino project. The content of the casino project will create 7,000 jobs for unemployed residents. But the opinions are still very diverse with regard to the construction of the casino.

A specialist who supports addicts to the game said he is not against the realization of the project but as a specialist, he is entitled to prevent that the expansion of games of chance could be a source of the problem for compulsive gamblers. And besides, this expansion is still illegal except in some parts of the country. But beyond all these bad presumptions, the pros at the game still hope that the legislators eventually adopt the project. Whether in Miami, Tampa or Orlando, they are waiting for the completion of the project for a casino that should be built 20 minutes from the international airport.

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